Analyn Almerino

Award Winning Singer and Musician

Live Concert on February 9, 2019 in Richmond, BC, Canada


October 22, 2018

Analyn Almerino, “Making It Up”

Stereo Stickman

October 15, 2018

Analyn Almerino – Bringing Japanese Electro Pop to …


Making It Up

Label: Edge of the Road Records

Words and music: Analyn Almerino, DJ Beat Red

A music recording by Rufus Lin Productions, a division of Yuyosoft Innovations Inc.

Composed and arranged in Tokyo, Japan.

Vocals recorded in Osaka, Japan.

Audio engineering and mastering in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Analyn Almerino is an 18-year old pop singer. Born in the Philippines, she has lived in Japan since the age of six. 

Analyn gained widespread fame in her home country and in Japan in 2014 after winning a major singing competition at the age of 14. The junior high school student at the time was adjudged the winner from among over 6,000 contestants who entered the nation-wide singing competition, which was organized by Japanese TV station Nippon TV.

In 2017, she once again displayed immense talent to triumph in another nationally supported singing competition, this time organized by the Asahi Television station. Analyn has been singing since she was in primary school and has performed at various festivals and concerts in a number of cities across Japan.

Having recently graduated from high school, Analyn is now focusing all her time on developing her singing career. She is currently working with Rufus Lin Productions to export her own brand of English pop music out of Japan to English-speaking listeners around the world.

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